Doctor’s Excuses For Missing School or Work

Posted May 27th, 2015 by Angela Jackson

doctorIf you are sick and have to miss important obligations, you may need a doctor’s excuse. To get a doctor’s excuse, you need to go to a doctor’s office. The doctor will write a note explaining that you were sick and unable to attend work or school. You may also show other proof of illness, such as prescriptions or a receipt from the clerk at the desk. The requirement of a doctor’s excuse for work or school prevents people from simply claiming to be sick, when they are well. Unfortunately, people lying about illness is a common problem at many schools and workplaces. Healthy people calling in sick results for many missed days of work in all areas of the country. You might want to check out

It is common for certain people to call in sick to work, when they are not sick at all. Many employers do not ask for a doctor’s excuse. At these places of employment, workers calling in sick when they are well is often a common problem. Some employers even offer paid “sick days”. Unfortunately, many people abuse this benefit. Some workers will call in sick, but they are actually well and essentially taking a paid day off.

At some colleges, doctor’s excuses are rarely required for day to day classes. If people choose to not come to class, they are choosing to compromise their education. On the other hand, missing an exam commonly requires a doctor’s excuse. There also are some colleges that require a doctor’s excuse for missing any class. You might also want a humorous doctors note.  These things do the trick every time.

At many elementary, middle, and high schools, doctor’s excuses are required. Without a doctor’s excuse, it can be considered truancy for a child under age 16 to not go to school. In most states, if one is over the age of 16, school attendance is not legally required (although very important). However, teachers tend to frown on a student who skips classes for no reason. Many teachers will still ask for a doctor’s excuse.

Interestingly, some workplaces take it a step further. There are actually some employers who will visit a person’s house, if they call in sick! Someone will show up at the house, and verify that the person is ill. This is a rare practice among companies, but it is done by a small number of companies. In some occupations, this is a more common occurrence.

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Should the Use of Fake Doctor’s Excuses be Encouraged?

Posted June 24th, 2014 by Angela Jackson

Well, this depends with different circumstances that one may find him or herself. Some may view these notes as very important to them but some may not conquer with them. Of course not even one boss will allow his employee to use such notes at any time of his or her operations under his custody. As a matter of fact, if the boss gets one of his workers forging a doctor’s excuse, he can decide to sack him or her on the spot.

For most employees, this kind of alibi is unacceptable. These professionals won’t let themselves be some kind of fraud, desperate enough to make up lame school excuses. Their reputation and pride always come first before anything else. However, not all employees are like this. The number of employees that had used this tool has been growing incredibly. It seems like everybody needs that extra day-offs to recollect themselves.

Some people discourage these notes as in the first place one may be risking the life of the doctor as well as his career in general. If a certain doctor’s name is used in a fake excuse and finally the authorities come to realize this fraud, tough measures can be taken against him or her.

Secondly, it is unethical to lie that you are suffering from a certain illness while in the real sense you are okay. Lying to your boss, your teacher or anybody using a forged document or physically is not good at all. Some term it as unprofessional. After one realizes that you were lying to them so that you can benefit from something, the level of respects that those people had for you start lowering which is not a good thing at all.